I Want Your Rosary Meditations!

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One lesson life has taught me is that often the thoughts and ideas of a group often produce better outcomes than what my individual mind can accomplish. And that is why I’m looking to you, the RosaryMeds community, for rosary meditations. I want to collect all your great insights about the rosary so that I can display them in my articles and possibly compile a community-contributed rosary prayer guide. I have a grand vision but to realize it I will need your help.

Follow this link to submit a rosary meditation.

It’s quite simple. I know you are thinking about many ideas and intentions as you pray the rosary. All I would like is for you to provide me some of those ideas. I’m not looking for personal intentions like, “Pray for my aunt’s knee surgery.” But more like a few short sentences on what certain rosary mysteries mean to you and what you think about when you pray them. I know that there are so many great ideas floating around in the rosary prayer world. Now here’s your chance to help provide great meditation ideas to others!

Please take a few minutes to provide a rosary meditation (or several).

Follow this link to submit a rosary meditation.

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