The Sorrowful Mysteries

The First Sorrowful Mystery

The Agony in the Garden

(Fruit: Contrition)

I pray

  1. That we always make time for prayer as Jesus did in the Garden of Gesthemene
  2. That our prayers are focused and earnest and not just mindless repetition
  3. For the faith and steadfastness not to give up prayer when times are tough
  4. For trust in God’s will for me, even if I don’t understand it or it is difficult
  5. For those who do not pray or believe in the fruitfulness of prayer
  6. For stillness of mind and body to listen to God through prayer
  7. For faith that God will see us through the difficult times in our lives
  8. For having patience for God’s plan to show itself
  9. That God spares us difficulty in our lives but we have the strength to imitate Jesus in accepting God’s will.
  10. That we make time for earnest prayer before Jesus in Eucharistic Adoration


The Second Sorrowful Mystery

The Scourging at the Pillar

(Fruit: Purity)

I pray

  1. For those who are suffering, whether it be minor inconveniences or major persecution
  2. For those who suffer silently or don’t think anyone cares for them
  3. For those who suffer because of bad choices, for the acknowledgement of their sins and their conversion
  4. For the strength to endure any trials and hardship life brings
  5. For forgiveness for the times I’ve persecuted Jesus through committing sins and failing to see Jesus in my brothers and sisters
  6. For forgiveness and the conversion of those who hate and persecute the Catholic Church
  7. Help me fast and sacrifice for you Lord Jesus Christ
  8. That I can I offer up my own sufferings to you Lord
  9. That we realize just how much our sins pain Jesus and feel true sorrow for them
  10. That I try to be a source of comfort for those who suffer


The Third Sorrowful Mystery

The Crowning of Thorns

(Fruit: Moral Courage)

I pray

  1. Forgiveness for the times I haven’t honored you, Lord Jesus Christ, by committing sins
  2. Forgiveness for the times I haven’t recognized you in my brothers and sisters
  3. For the desire to live in constant honor of you by leading a life of prayer and charity
  4. For the will to turn the world towards you by defending and proudly living the Catholic faith
  5. That I do not not take my faith for granted and always remember the precious gift it is
  6. Thank you Lord Jesus for suffering for my sake so that I may find eternal joy in Heaven
  7. For mercy on those who live in mortal sin
  8. That we be aware of the evil Satan spreads in this world that mocks you
  9. For awareness to help and comfort the my brothers and sisters in Christ
  10. For those who suffer, that they find comfort that they imitate our Lord Jesus Christ


The Fourth Sorrowful Mystery

The Carrying of the Cross

(Fruit: Patience)

I pray

  1. For the strength to endure life’s challenges by remaining faithful
  2. To make me aware of those having a difficult time and that I find the will to help them
  3. That we may have hope and find peace in your grace despite life’s challenges
  4. For comfort for those who live in despair and hopelessness
  5. That we find the strength to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation when we fall under the weight of sin
  6. That we take up our crosses as Jesus commanded and not hide from life’s challenges
  7. That we understand that all of life’s challenges are temporary and we will find healing peace in God’s heavenly kingdom
  8. That we feel genuine sorrow for the sins we’ve committed and resolve to not commit them in the future
  9. For all the persecuted throughout the world, that they remain strong in their faith
  10. That we take comfort that the Lord walks with us, even in our sufferings


The Fifth Sorrowful Mystery

The Crucifixion

(Fruit: Salvation)

I pray

  1. That like the good criminal on the cross we ask Jesus to remember us in our prayers
  2. That we show faith instead of asking Jesus to “prove himself” to us
  3. That we express hope even in the darkest moments in our lives
  4. For strength to imitate Jesus by offering our sufferings for the benefit of others
  5. That we show love and forgiveness to those who hurt us
  6. For the peace and conversion of all those consumed by hatred and jealousy
  7. For those who have been treated unfairly, that they find comfort in Heaven
  8. For the forgiveness of those who persecute your Church for “they know not what they do”
  9. That we see the face of Jesus and be moved to compassion for those around us who suffer
  10. That we have the strength to stand with the Church even amongst persecution