The Luminous Mysteries

The First Luminous Mystery

The Baptism in the River Jordan

(Fruit: Openness to the Holy Spirit)

I pray

  1. That I heed God’s command and listen to Jesus’ teachings
  2. That I strive to be as sinless and innocent as I was at my baptism
  3. For those who have forgotten their baptismal promises, the the Holy Spirit guides them back to their faith
  4. For godparents, that they continue to pray for their godchildren
  5. For parents, that they continue to lead their children in practicing their faith by setting a good example
  6. For forgiveness for the times I have not listened to Jesus as I vowed in my baptism
  7. That I may be a living reminder to others about the joy of the Catholic faith
  8. For those who have not been baptized, that they live morally according to God’s natural law
  9. For the conversion of those living contrary to God’s plan for them
  10. That we listen to the Holy Spirit who is always guiding us towards the grace promised to us through our baptism


The Second Luminous Mystery

The Miracle at Cana

(Fruit: Find Jesus through Mary)

I pray

  1. For those who need God’s miracles the most receive them
  2. That I see how I can serve others and be a miracle to them
  3. That I not ask for miracles for my selfish desires but to increase my faith
  4. For a spiritual awakening of those who do not believe in God’s awesome power
  5. For those who question their faith because they don’t understand why they do not receive the miracles they request
  6. That I may see and give glory to God for all the small miracles that surround me
  7. That like the servers at the wedding, may we listen to Mary’s guidance to do as Jesus tells us
  8. For those who live in sin, for their conversion and that they strive to live the remainder of their life giving their very best to God
  9. For those who live in misery, that they know that God has saved the “best for last” which is eternal joy in Heaven
  10. That we place our faith in Jesus for the seemingly small events in our lives, not just the large ones


The Third Luminous Mystery

The Proclamation of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Call for Conversion

(Fruit: Repentance)

I pray

  1. That we lead a life of conversion towards God’s truth
  2. That we always put the goal of the Kingdom of Heaven in front of our earthly desires
  3. For mercy on those who put their worldly desires above all else
  4. That I may help proclaim the joys of the Kingdom of Heaven to others
  5. That I may help others to convert their ways to God’s ways
  6. That we do not reject Jesus’ teachings no matter how difficult or far fetched they may seem
  7. That we have the strength to live our faith even when others may persecute us for it.
  8. That we make the time to read the Bible and learn about God’s Kingdom as Jesus taught about it
  9. That we let go of whatever holds us back from following Jesus
  10. That we try every day to live a life of conversion, even if it’s in small steps


The Fourth Luminous Mystery

The Transfiguration

(Fruit: Desire for Holiness)

I pray

  1. That we rejoice that God so loved us that he humbled himself to be like one of us
  2. That we take Jesus’ words as God’s Truth and not just “good advice” of a scholar
  3. That we make an effort to have a personal relationship with God since God tries to have a personal relationship with us through His son, Jesus Christ
  4. Mercy on those who do not listen to Jesus’ teachings
  5. That we make time for Jesus to show himself to us in his glory through prayer and adoration
  6. That we make an effort to eliminate distractions in our life that prevent us from truly experiencing God’s grace
  7. Oh Lord, transfigure us through the Sacrament of Reconciliation into shining beings of your grace
  8. That we take the time to examine our conscious and see what areas of our lives need to be transfigured from sin to grace
  9. That we honor Jesus with every word, thought, and action
  10. That we not fear God’s awesome power, but take comfort in His awesome capacity to love


The Fifth Luminous Mystery

Institution of the Eucharist

(Fruit: Eucharistic Adoration)

I pray

  1. That we can look beyond what we can see and feel and have faith in the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist
  2. That we find comfort that Jesus is physically present with us today in the Eurcharist
  3. That we are properly prepared to receive the Eucharist by avoiding mortal sin and receiving Confession regularly
  4. Forgiveness for those who receive the Eucharist with mortal sins on their souls
  5. That we look to the Eucharist for spiritual strength to endure life’s challenges
  6. That we place all our faith that living by Jesus’ teachings will lead us to his heavenly kingdom
  7. Forgiveness for those who do not attend Mass without good reason on Sundays or holy days of obligation
  8. That we take the time to pray earnestly all through Mass, especially after receiving the Lord during Communion
  9. For priests, that they internalize the faith that they profess and teach the truth of Jesus Christ
  10. That we make time to be with Jesus through Eucharistic Adoration


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