The Joyful Mysteries

The First Joyful Mystery

The Annunciation

(Fruit: Humility)

I pray:

  1. For guidance for those who are contemplating their life’s vocation
  2. Increased faith in God’s plan for me even when confronted with difficulties and disappointments
  3. For expecting mothers, especially those with unplanned pregnancies (like Mary) and those who are scared of their future
  4. Strength for those who are scared about what God has planned for them
  5. Instill in me a sense of joy when I follow the path God sets before me
  6. Remind me that God never gives me a challenge I cannot handle (especially with your intersecesions Mother Mary)
  7. Save me from the temptation of taking a seemingly easier path in life that doesn’t bring me closer to God’s grace
  8. Lovingly nudge those who have swayed from God’s path back to His truth
  9. Guide parents everywhere to lead their children closer to God’s grace through prayer, education, and as a living example of living the faith
  10. Guide priests and nuns in faithfully living their often difficult vocations


The Second Joyful Mystery

The Visitation

(Fruit: Love of Neighbor)

I pray:

  1. For the motivation to go out and do God’s will as Mary did when she visited and helped Elizabeth
  2. For spiritual, physical, and emotional strength for pregnant women who carry a precious life like Mary and Elizabeth
  3. For mercy and the conversion for those who seek to harm the most innocent amongst us
  4. For faith in God’s plan, wherever it leads us in life
  5. For the wanting to serve others rather than be served
  6. That we follow up with action what we learn through prayer
  7. For increased motivation for those who hear God’s call but are afraid to act on it
  8. That we are advocates for all life at all stages
  9. That we aren’t afraid to be visible and public witnesses of our faith
  10. That we show charity, not only financially, but also through exercising our talents


The Third Joyful Mystery

The Nativity

(Fruit: Poverty of Spirit)

I pray

  1. That we are humble enough to allow God to be born into our hearts
  2. That we accept that God’s ways are not always our ways but do lead us to ultimate happiness
  3. That we follow the signs to Jesus like the wise men and the shepherds at his birth
  4. Rejoice that God so loved us that he humbled himself and took human form in the person of Jesus
  5. That we see Jesus in everyone, even our enemies
  6. That like the shepherds in the fields, we make time to be with Jesus through prayer
  7. For forgiveness for the times where we haven’t accepted God’s plan for us
  8. For forgiveness for the times we haven’t seen Jesus in our brothers and sisters
  9. That we are open to God’s message even when it comes in unlikely ways
  10. That we make an effort to attend Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament


The Fourth Joyful Mystery

The Presentation

(Fruit: Obedience)

I pray

  1. That we have faith, like St. Simeon, that God’s promises to us will always be fulfilled
  2. That we have the patience for God’s plan to manifest itself
  3. That we continue to pray even when we doubt God answers us
  4. For those who do not practice their faith out of discouragement because they don’t think God hears them
  5. That we always live our faith even when it’s difficult to do so
  6. For the forgiveness and conversion of those in society who mock or persecute the faithful
  7. That you and your family can imitate the spirit and faith of the Holy Family
  8. For those who have a broken family life, that they look to the Holy Family for guidance
  9. For new parents, that they educate their children to actively practice their faith
  10. For the elderly and dying, that they have lived the faith to the best of their abilities so that they may go peacefully into God’s kingdom


The Fifth Joyful Mystery

The Finding in the Temple

(Fruit: Piety)

I pray

  1. That we make the time to periodically examine our conscience and remember to confess our sins
  2. That we make time to regularly receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and resolve not to commit the same sins again
  3. That we have the strength to make adjustments in our lives to better live according to God’s will
  4. For the return of those who have wandered far from God’s grace
  5. For strength for those who are undertaking the difficult path of redemption from their sins
  6. That we listen to God’s truth no matter how unlikely the source
  7. That our Church leaders follow and faithfully exercise the teachings of Jesus Christ
  8. For those who have not gone to confession in a long time, that they may find the courage and humility to become fully united with God through the Sacrement of Reconciliation
  9. That we look towards our local parishes as a way of finding Jesus in “his father’s house.”
  10. That we imitate Jesus’ obedience to God by obeying the precepts of of the Catholic faith


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