The Glorious Mysteries

The First Glorious Mystery

The Resurrection

(Fruit: Faith)

I pray

  1. That we remember to live for the Kingdom of Heaven and not solely for our earthly desires
  2. That we accept that Jesus’ teachings as taught by the Catholic Church as God’s truth
  3. That we live with joy in a risen Christ who opened the gates of Heaven for us
  4. That you instill a sense of hope those who do not live for the joy of the Resurrection but in a state of hopelessness
  5. That we may help others see the joy and triumph of the Catholic faith over sin and death
  6. That by believing in the resurrection our faith in all of Jesus’ teachings is strengthened
  7. For those who suffer, that they may see hope in their lives through the resurrection
  8. That we meditate on the grace of the risen Christ when we celebrate the Eucharist
  9. That we focus on our own spiritual resurrection when we will stand before God in his Heavenly Kingdom
  10. That we look forward to appreciating the fullness of Jesus’ resurrection when we enter God’s Heavenly Kingdom


The Second Glorious Mystery

The Ascension

(Fruit: Hope)

I pray

  1. That we continue Christ’s mission of love and healing
  2. Mercy for those who have died and face Jesus at the right hand of the Father for judgement
  3. Mercy on those who do not accept the reality of Christ as our ultimate judge
  4. Forgiveness for those times I have not been a living witness to the Catholic faith
  5. That I may find the time to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation so I can live in God’s grace
  6. For the faith that Jesus in Heaven hears and answers our prayers
  7. That we follow the teachings of the Church started by the disciples who witnessed Jesus’ ascension
  8. For faith that Jesus is still with us physically in the Eucharist
  9. For all those who suffer loss, that they find comfort in Jesus who is forever with us in His Heavenly Kingdom
  10. That we rejoice in Jesus taking our humanity with Him into Heaven to prepare a place for us


The Third Glorious Mystery


(Fruit: Wisdom)

I pray

  1. That I let the Holy Spirit guide me in my actions
  2. That I actively try to hear the Holy Spirit in the calmness of prayer
  3. For the courage to trust the Holy Spirit even if he leads me down a difficult road
  4. For the transformation of those with hardened heart, that they let the Holy Spirit in
  5. For priests everywhere, that they are led by the Holy Spirit and accurately teach God’s Word
  6. For the newly baptized and confirmed, that they take full advantage of God’s grace poured onto them in the sacraments
  7. That we do not fear the often hostile world for we know God guides us through the Holy Spirit
  8. That we take advantage of the power of the Holy Spirit to forgive sins by regularly receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation
  9. That we take comfort knowing we are not orphans in this world, but are lead by the Holy Spirit
  10. For the humility to acknowledge that our skills and talents are bestowed on us by the Holy Spirit


The Fourth Glorious Mystery

The Assumption

(Fruit: Devotion to Mary)

I pray

  1. That I make time to pray regularly and ask Mary for her intercessions
  2. That I read the scriptures as well as Church documents to learn and love the Catholic faith
  3. That I make an effort to fast and offer my sacrifices to God
  4. That I make time to receive the Sacrament of Confession to fully live in God’s grace
  5. That I receive the Eucharist with a worthy soul free of mortal sin
  6. For the spiritual awakening of those who do not pray
  7. That you instill the desire to grow closer to God for those who have not learned their faith
  8. For forgiveness for those times I’ve over indulged in earthly desires leaving no room for spiritual needs
  9. For those who have not received the Sacrament of Reconciliation in a long time
  10. For mercy on those who do not regularly receive the Eucharist or receive it in an unworthy state


The Fifth Glorious Mystery

The Coronation of Mary

(Fruit: Eternal Happiness)

I pray

  1. For the protection from our guardian angel
  2. For Mary’s protection against evil
  3. For an inner peace by accepting God’s Will
  4. Mary, bring us closer to your son, Jesus Christ
  5. That we look to Mary to amplify and clarify our intentions
  6. Mary, help us better understand the will of your son, Jesus Christ
  7. For peace in our world starting with an understanding of what I can do personally
  8. That we strive to imitate Mary, Queen of Heaven, in living pure and faithful lives
  9. That we show humility like Mary and in doing so, be raised up in God’s grace
  10. That we have the foresight to turn to Mary when facing any of life’s difficulties


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